Geometry Dash World  Apk 2.2.11 (Unlocked All,  Menu)

Geometry Dash World Apk 2.2.11 (Unlocked All, Menu)

4.4 (60414)Arcade, Games

App Information of Geometry Dash World

App Name Geometry Dash World v2.2.11
Genre Arcade, Games
Latest Version2.2.11
Get it On Google Play
UpdateMar 01, 2024
Package Namecom.robtopx.geometrydashworld
Rating 4.4 ( 60414 )

Description of Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World Apk 2.2.11 (Unlocked All, Menu)

Geometry Dash World Apk 2.2.11 (Unlimited Currency) is known for its captivating rhythm-based gameplay and challenging levels. If you want to play new music games, then this game is definitely for you. Players are drawn to its addictive nature, precision-required mechanics, and the exhilarating sensation of overcoming obstacles, making it a favorite among gaming enthusiasts.


Geometry Dash World apk unlocked everything and offers a ified version of the popular rhythm-based platformer, providing enhanced gameplay and customization options. Users can enjoy a unique experience with diverse levels and challenges. The adds a twist to the original game, enhancing the overall thrill for players seeking a ified gaming adventure. The Swedish game developer RobTop Games is the one who created and developed Geometry Dash. The game was first released on August 13, 2013, for both iOS and Android.


Geometry Dash World Apk 2.2.11 ( Menu) introduces a plethora of exciting features that redefine the gaming experience within the geometric realm. With unlimited resources and custom levels, players can tailor their challenges, pushing the boundaries of creativity and personalization. The menu is a game-changer, offering an intuitive interface for effortless customization and control.

  1. Access endless in-game assets for customization.
  2. Craft intricate, personalized challenges with ease.
  3. Intuitive interface for seamless customization and navigation.
  4. Breeze through obstacles with unmatched ease.
  5. Boundless access to resources, unlocking endless possibilities.
  6. Automate tapping for rhythmic, accurate gameplay.
  7. Effortlessly conquer geometric challenges with automated movements.
  8. Uninterrupted immersion in rhythm-based challenges without disruptions.
  9. Unique challenges are designed to push skills and creativity.
  10. There are extensive options for character personalization with icons, colors, and skins.
  11. The fresh infusion of diversity from the original game.
  12. Smoother gameplay, even during intense moments.
  13. Craft and play custom levels for unique experiences.

Adding unique features such as God e elevates the gaming experience by granting players invincibility, allowing them to navigate obstacles with unparalleled ease. The auto-clicker and auto-bot features introduce automation, ensuring precise and flawless movements in rhythm with the game.


In Geometry Dash World Apk (Unlocked Skins/Icons), the customization feature takes center stage, allowing players to mold their gaming experience according to their preferences. With access to unlimited resources, players can enhance their in-game assets, unlocking a world of creativity. The ability to create custom levels adds an extra layer of personalization, empowering players to craft intricate challenges that cater to their unique tastes.


The menu in Geometry Dash World Apk (no ads) is a game-changer, providing players with an intuitive interface for effortless control and customization. This feature transforms the gaming experience, giving players the ability to navigate through the geometric world with unparalleled ease. The menu serves as a command center, allowing players to tweak various in-game settings seamlessly, ensuring that the game adapts to their preferences.


God e is a standout feature in the Geometry Dash apk world, offering players an unprecedented level of invincibility within the geometric challenges. This game-changing ability transforms obstacles into mere nuances, allowing players to breeze through levels with unmatched ease.


The addition of auto-clicker and auto-bot features in Geometry Dash Apk introduces automation to the gameplay, revolutionizing the way players interact with the game. The auto-clicker takes care of the tapping process, ensuring rhythmic precision without the need for swift finger movements. Meanwhile, the auto-bot feature takes control of player movements, seamlessly navigating through geometric obstacles.


Geometry Dash World apk full version embraces diversity with its array of new icons and colors, deviating from the original game’s offerings. With an extensive selection of icons, colors, and skins to choose from, players can express their individuality and stand out in the world of geometric challenges. This commitment to diversity not only adds aesthetic richness but also ensures that each player’s character becomes a canvas for creative expression.


Beyond its features, Geometry Dash World Unlocked prioritizes an enhanced gaming experience through performance optimization. The ded version ensures smoother gameplay, allowing devices to run the game seamlessly even during its most intense moments. Lag and performance issues become a thing of the past, enabling players to fully immerse themselves in Geometry Dash’s heart-pounding rhythms and challenges.

What does the Geometry Dash World Apk customization feature offer?

  • The customization feature provides unlimited resources, allowing players to enhance in-game assets and create personalized levels.

How does the menu impact gameplay in Geometry Dash World ?

  • The menu serves as an intuitive interface, offering seamless control and customization for an enhanced gaming experience.

What is the significance of God e in the Geometry Dash World ?

  • God e grants players invincibility, allowing them to effortlessly overcome obstacles and focus on rhythmic challenges without fear of failure.

Geometry Dash: World Features

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Unlock All Features
  3. Ads Free
  4. God e
  5. Unlocked Skins and Icons


A new music adventure game, Geometry Dash World Apk (Unlocked Skins and Icons), is available. Play missions to win prizes. While enhancing creativity and control, it may slightly deviate from the original challenge. Overall, the delivers an exhilarating journey, blending personalization and precision for a uniquely captivating rhythmic platformer. download geometry dash world

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