8 Ball Blitz  Apk 1.01.05 (Unlimited Money, Long Line)

8 Ball Blitz Apk 1.01.05 (Unlimited Money, Long Line)

4.4 (7348492)Games, Sports

App Information of 8 Ball Blitz - Billiards Games

App Name 8 Ball Blitz - Billiards Games v1.01.05
Genre Games, Sports
Latest Version1.01.05
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UpdateJan 22, 2024
Package Nameeight.ball.blitz.pool.billiards.free.android
Rating 4.4 ( 7348492 )

Description of 8 Ball Blitz - Billiards Games

8 Ball Blitz Apk 1.01.05 (Unlimited Money, Long Line, Menu)

8 Ball Blitz Apk 1.01.05 (Unlimited Money, Long Line, Menu) is the most popular table sports pool billiards game. The game is the popular cue sport known as 8 Ball Pool. In an 8-ball blitz billiards game, the main objective is to pocket all the balls of your assigned group (either stripes or solids) and then pocket the 8-ball to win the game. 8 ball blitz game has much unknown information that I will try to tell you through this blog. Hope the whole blog stays with me.


8 ball Blitz (unlimited money) is a mobile game related to the popular game of pool or billiards. It was designed and developed by Cherry Pop Games “8 Ball Blitz” refers to a specific game variation of the pool usually played with 15 object balls and a cue ball. You can easily play this game online with your friends. This game is specially designed for those who like pool games in general. 8 Ball Blitz (Mega Power) game has more than 10 million downloads on the play store.


8 ball blitz apk (long line) game has many known and unknown features which I will now discuss with you. The game may strive to provide a realistic simulation of the playing pool, including accurate physics, ball movement, and cue handling, to create an immersive experience for players. The ability to compete against friends or players from around the world in real-time matches can be a significant attraction. Online multiplayer es often add an element of competition and social interaction to the game.

  1. Realistic physics simulation for authentic ball movement.
  2. Multiplayer e for competing against friends or players worldwide.
  3. Various game es, including 8 ball, 9 balls, and snooker
  4. Tournament e with competitive gameplay and prizes
  5. Customizable game settings, such as table color, and background music.
  6. Chat or messaging feature for interaction with other players.
  7. Practice e to hone skills and improve gameplay.
  8. Leaderboards to compare rankings with other players.
  9. Power-ups or special abilities to enhance gameplay.
  10. Tutorial or training e for new players to learn the game.
  11. Clan or guild system for joining or creating player communities
  12. Progressive leveling system with rewards and achievements.

The traditional 8-ball pool, game might offer additional game es, such as 9-ball, snooker, or unique variations, providing players with different challenges and strategic opportunities. Many pool games allow players to customize their cues, tables, and even their avatars. 8 Ball Blitz (High Shot) feature adds a personal touch and allows players to express their individual style within the game.

Realistic physics

8 ball blitz billiards games online boast highly realistic physics, ensuring that the movement of the balls and the interaction between them accurately mimic real-life pools. The game engine takes into account factors such as ball spin, velocity, and collision angles, resulting in a satisfying and authentic gameplay experience. Players can strategize their shots, use spin techniques, and anticipate how the balls will react on the virtual pool table.


The multiplayer feature in the “8 ball blitz menu” allows players to compete against real opponents from around the world. Through online matchmaking, players can engage in thrilling one-on-one or multiplayer matches, testing their skills and strategies against others. This feature fosters a dynamic and competitive environment, offering opportunities for social interaction, friendly rivalries, and the chance to climb the global leaderboards.


8 ball Blitz apk 2023 offers a wide range of customization options to personalize the gaming experience. Players can customize their cues, tables, and avatars, selecting from a variety of designs, colors, and visual enhancements. This feature allows players to express their unique style and create a pool-playing persona that reflects their individuality. With an array of customization options, players can tailor the game to their preferences and stand out on the virtual pool scene.


Tournaments in 8 Ball Blitz provide players with an exciting competitive experience. Players can participate in scheduled tournaments where they can test their skills against a pool of skilled opponents. These tournaments often feature different tiers or divisions, allowing players of various skill levels to compete on an equal footing. By progressing through the tournament stages and achieving success, players can earn prestigious titles, unlock exclusive rewards, and establish their reputation as top players in the game.

Some Question And Answer About 8 Ball Blitz Apk Game (FAQ)

Can I play 8 Ball Blitz Apk offline?

  • No, “8 ball blitz 2023 apk” requires an internet connection to play multiplayer matches and access certain online features. However, there might be a practice e available for offline gameplay against AI opponents.

How can I earn virtual currency in “8 Ball Blitz Apk”?

  • In “8 Ball Blitz Apk,” you can typically earn virtual currency by winning matches, participating in tournaments, completing challenges or objectives, or through in-app purchases.

Is the 8 Ball Blitz apk available for cross-platform play?

  • It depends on the specific details of the game, but many pool games nowadays offer cross-platform play. It is advisable to check the official information or game documentation to confirm whether “8 Ball Blitz Apk” supports cross-platform play.


  1. Unlocked
  2. Long Line
  3. Mega Power
  4. Unlimited Money


The 8-ball Blitz game is a pool game that offers realistic physics, multiplayer functionality, customization options, and engaging tournaments. Players can enjoy an immersive experience with authentic ball movement, compete against real opponents worldwide, personalize their cues and avatars, and participate in exciting tournaments. While specific details may vary, these features contribute to a thrilling and interactive gameplay experience for pool enthusiasts.

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